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Auto Glass Services
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Bright Auto Glass specializes in Auto glass services in Colorado. We provide services in Denver, Arvada, Lakewood, Englewood, Littleton, Centennial, Aurora, Thornton, Westminster, Broomfield, Boulder, and surrounding areas.

Broken Glass? We’ll Fix IT!

Do you have a chip or a crack on your windshield? Bright Auto Glass provides best in class service when it comes to chip repairs and windshield replacements.  Contact us and let us know about your vehicle. We will fix your windshield as soon as possible.

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Why Bright Auto Glass in Denver, CO?

Got a broken car window? Bright Auto Glass in Denver, CO is at your service. Our team of skilled technicians has been serving Denver-area car owners for more than 10 years. Moreover, we provide speedy, reliable auto glass repairs and replacements. We offer a full spectrum of services to give you a single source for all your auto glass needs. Most importantly, our goal isn’t just to repair or replace your glass, but also maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle. As a result, we keep you safe on the road.

Contact us today for a quote on auto glass services in Denver, CO!

Windshield Repair

Moreover, your windshield is the largest piece of glass in your vehicle. It is responsible for up to 60% of your vehicle’s structural support. Therefore, you should not have if you have cracks or damages on your windshield. As a result, it’s ability to protect you in the event of an accident is significantly reduced.

Bright Auto Glass offers windshield repairs and full replacements in Denver to maintain the safety of your vehicle. Most importantly, we use only OEM auto glass. It’s designed for your vehicle to ensure the best fit and ongoing functionality. Contact us if you’re not sure if you need a repair or a complete windshield replacement. Our team will assess your vehicle and make the appropriate recommendation before you move forward.

Side Window Repair

Whether you’ve been a victim of vandalism or your car was broken into, replacing a broken side window is a top priority. Side windows not only block the wind while you’re driving, they also protect the electrical components from moisture and debris. As a result, your windows stay functional.

Our team at Bright Auto Glass can replace your side windows as well as repair any damage to the window motor.

Back Window Repair

Having a damaged back vehicle window isn’t just a nuisance, it’s also a major safety hazard. Cracks, chips, or breaks in the glass can impair your visibility while driving or backing up. In addition, you also risk sustaining damage to the inside of your vehicle.

Our auto glass services in Denver, CO includes back window repair. Furthermore, we replace it to keep your vehicle looking and functioning like new. We inspect the damage and any features your car has. For example, your back windshield wiper or rear defrost system. As a result, we ensure these features will continue working once we replace your auto glass.

Quarter Glass Replacement

Quarter glass replacement requires a unique process. For example, this odd-shaped piece of glass can vary by vehicle. Therefore, it’s important that you get a proper fit from OEM equipment that’s made for your car.

At Bright Auto Glass, we offer quarter glass replacement for any make and model. Moreover, our warehouse is stocked with a variety of auto glass parts and components. What we don’t have in stock we can usually get within a business day. Therefore, you’re never waiting long for your replacement.

Sunroof Replacement

Having a sunroof adds to the driving experience. For instance, the last thing you want is for your sunroof glass to become damaged and allow leaks or other debris to ruin the fun. Denver car owners also have to worry about the threat of snow and ice. If left unaddressed, water could damage your car’s interior and become a much costlier problem.

In addition, sunroof glass replacement requires a unique skill set. Our team of technicians have the tools and expertise to successfully replace your sunroof glass. Most importantly, we work with care and detail. As a result, we avoid damaging the frame or motor.

Car Door Motor Replacement

Vehicles with power windows are susceptible to motor damage when windows need to be replaced. As a full-service auto glass provider, we also work on car door motors. Moreover, we ensure your windows operate as smoothly and trouble-free as they did before. As a result, this ensures your new window stays on track and won’t stick. We make sure it has a proper seal and slides properly.

Auto Glass Chip Repair

In some cases, your auto glass damage may not be severe enough to warrant a full replacement. For example, minor chips can be filled with an epoxy resin that will prevent the damage from getting worse. As a result, you save money, time, and frustration in the process!

Our auto glass chip repair service in Denver, CO uses an advanced technologically resin. Consequently, it will fully fill the chip and maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle.

We Work with Your Insurance Company

Did you know that you might not have to pay the entire cost of your auto glass service out of pocket? Depending on your policy, your auto insurance company may pay for part of your repair or replacement. As part of our auto glass services in Denver, CO, we work with your insurance company on your behalf. The helps you reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

Ask us for a quote before we begin work to know exactly what you’ll be paying up front.

Mobile Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Denver, CO

Having a broken window or cracked windshield is inconvenient enough. Afterwards, finding time to have it replaced is even more challenging. That’s why we’re proud to offer mobile auto glass repair and replacement services in the Denver and surrounding areas. Moreover, we travel to your location to repair or replace your auto glass, whether you’re at home or work. As a result, you don’t have to take time out of your day to travel to our facility.

Ask for more details about our mobile services in Denver, CO and the surrounding areas.

Ask About Our Fleet Service

Bright Auto Glass is pleased to partner with fleet owners to handle all of your auto glass repairs and replacement needs! Taxi agencies, trucking companies, car dealerships, insurance companies and other commercial vehicle fleet owners. Most importantly, they trust us for full auto glass services in Denver, CO. We take time to keep each of your vehicles in compliance and fully operational with as little downtime as possible.

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