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Car Windshield Chip Repair
Safely Protect Your Windshield From Cracking

Auto Glass Chip Repair
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An auto glass chip repair can be the best alternative to completely replacing your windshield. Moreover, chip repairs are cost effective and safe. Our certified technicians ensure the best chip repair in the industry. Most importantly, the chip repair must be done right the first time. Trust Bright Auto Glass to repair your windshield like new.

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Our certified technicians ensures the best work possible when repairing your windshield. Quality work is what you can expect when you work with Bright Auto Glass.

Auto Glass Chip Repair Windshild

The Dangers of Windshield Chips

No matter where you drive or how much experience you have behind the wheel, nothing can stop your auto glass from getting damaged on the road. Chips happen, and when they do, you’ll want to get them repaired as soon as possible.

Chips can occur when small rocks, debris, or objects hit your windshield. When they hit at the right angle, it can take out a small chunk of glass. Sometimes, you may not even notice your windshield has been chipped at all until someone points it out to you.

Even though a chip or small crack might seem like a minor cosmetic detail, they can actually have a major impact on your safety. Chips and cracks can easily and quickly turn into larger cracks that affect the entire integrity of your windshield. And since your windshield is responsible for more than 60% of your vehicle’s structural strength in the event of a rollover accident, it’s important to keep your windshield in good condition at all times.

The longer you wait to repair the chip, the more likely it is that dirt and debris will enter the crevice. This makes it harder to repair the chip, as the dirt and debris may prevent the filler from sticking.  Also, windshield wipers can further irritate the damaged spot by pushing debris into the crevasse and potentially making it grow bigger. And when you do finally get the chips filled, it may not look as smooth or attractive.

How are Windshield Chips Repaired?

When you get a chip in your windshield, you may not need a full windshield replacement. Instead, we use a high-quality, durable resin designed to fill auto glass chips and cracks.

The process to fix a windshield chip is relatively quick and inexpensive:

  1. Inspection – we inspect the damage to make sure that a repair is necessary and the best solution. Depending on the location of the chip, such as in the driver’s line of sight, you may need a full windshield replacement. We also want to make sure that damage hasn’t spread and that there are no other chips that need to be filled.
  2. Cleaning – We will clean the crevice as much as possible to ensure a smooth, polished look when we’re finished. However, we cannot guarantee complete debris removal.
  3. Repair – We fill the chip with a special resin that is cured using UV light. This process takes only a few minutes and can be done over a lunch break with time to spare.
  4. Filing – At Bright Auto Glass, we file with your insurance company to cover the cost of the chip repair. Many of our customers never pay out of pocket, but depending on your policy, you may have to pay for the service. Chip repair is relatively inexpensive and much cheaper than a full replacement.

Do’s and Don’t When You Get a Chipped Windshield

If you get a chip in your auto glass and can’t get it repaired right away, there are some things you can do to mitigate immediate damage and prevent the chip from expanding into a larger crack:

If you get a chip in your windshield and have questions about what you do while waiting to get it repaired, contact our team for more advice.

How Much Does an Auto Glass Chip Repair Cost?

In many cases, you will pay nothing out-of-pocket for your auto glass chip repair. Many insurance companies will cover the entire amount for you and even waive the deductible.

However, no two insurance policies are quite alike. If you do have to pay for the full service, most chips that can be repaired cost up to $50 for the first chip and $15 for each additional chip.

Can Windshield Chips Be Avoided?

No one is immune from getting a chip in their windshield However, there are a few things you can do to lower your chances. One of the simplest things is to keep plenty of distance between you and large trucks or other drivers on the roadways. Another thing you can do is keep your car parked in a garage or other covering during hail storms or other bad weather.

Mobile Auto Glass Chip Repair Denver CO

We know you’re busy, and if you get a chip in your windshield, you’ve been inconvenienced enough. When chips occur, give Pride Auto Glass a call and ask for our mobile repair service. We can come to you with all the tools, equipment, and skills needed to repair your chip wherever you happen to be. This prevents you from having to travel to our shop and spend your precious time waiting.

Get Auto Glass Chip Repair Denver, CO

Got chips? Trust Bright Auto Glass for professional auto glass chip repair in Denver, CO and surrounding areas. Contact us today for an appointment.