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Quarter Glass Window Replacement

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Quarter glass window replacement for any make and model. Allow our courteous technicians to install your quarter glass today.

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Contact us today and let us get your quarter glass replaced as soon as possible! Although it’s an awkward glass size, we have the perfect fit for your make and model. Our professional technicians will get your glass replaced safely. Find out why so many trust Bright Auto Glass for their auto glass needs.

What is a Quarter Glass Window?

Also called vent windows, the quarter glass window is the last window on either side of the vehicle above the rear wheel. It is not attached to a door and does not roll down like typical car windows, but it may open either manually or electronically by tilting it outward. These windows are typically smaller than their neighboring side window, but can still be quite costly to replace. Quarter glass windows can range from $100 up to $1,000 or more depending on the size of the window. Though these windows don’t take as many direct hits from rocks and debris as your windshield, they can and do become damaged to the point where they may need replacing. Objects that are kicked up from trucks or other vehicles could hit the window and chip or crack it. The weather stripping around the glass may weaken and cause leaks or other damage. Also, acts of vandalism or storm damage can also create the need for a replacement. These windows typically need to be special ordered based on your car’s make and model. Our team at Bright Auto Glass has a large network of suppliers that enables us to get the right type of glass quickly. We can usually schedule your appointment within 1-2 business days, and can come to you to complete the replacement. Ask about our mobile auto glass replacement and repair services that can save you time and hassle.

How are Quarter Glass Windows Replaced?

Replacing a quarter glass window is very similar to replacing a windshield. A trained technician will use special tools to get around the weather-strip and remove the glass without damaging the frame. The new pane of glass will be carefully placed in the opening, then adhesives will be applied and set before the installation is complete. Though quarter glass panels used to serve as extra ventilation, today’s cars are better climate controlled and typically don’t require vented quarter glass windows. Still, car manufacturers continue to install them because they provide more visibility to the driver. If this glass becomes damaged, it’s important to seek a repair or replacement right away so that sight lines aren’t compromised.

If you have questions about our process, please reach out directly for more information.

Does My Vehicle Have Quarter Glass?

Not all vehicles will have quarter glass windows, though most late model vehicles do. If you have windows in your doors, chances are you have quarter glass panes. Like windshields and other car windows, the shape and style will vary from model to model. Venting quarter glass is fairly common on modern minivans. These venting windows used to be operated manually by unlatching the window and tilting it outward for airflow. Now, the manual latch has largely been replaced by electronic mechanisms. Regardless of what type of windows you have, the experts at Bright Auto Glass can tell you what you need. Contact our team team for more information or to get a free quote on auto glass replacement services.

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