Windshield Repair or Replacement? Here’s the Difference

July 15, 2020

Windshield repair or replacement? That is the question on many car owners’ minds as they explore options to get back to driving safely. Damage to the windshield isn’t just a nuisance, it’s also a safety risk.

As a result, it can hinder your visibility and continue to get worse if left unaddressed.In some cases, your windshield may be eligible for a quick repair job. Repairs are usually less expensive and less time consuming.

On the other hand, you have the option to full replace the windshield.With repairs being less expensive, many car owners choose to go this route. But in some cases, a repair simply isn’t an option. 

Your auto technicians at Bright Auto Glass will always be upfront about the best path forward for your specific windshield. But here’s how you can tell whether you might need a windshield repair or replacement before you get to our shop and avoid any surprises:

Windshield Repair or Replacement: What’s the Difference?

How We Identify and Fix The Problem

When you’re able to get your windshield repaired, the auto glass technician will use a special resin to fill in the damage. Afterwards, this resin hardens and creates a seal so that water, dirt, and debris cannot enter the crack or chip.

Depending on the size and severity of the damage, you may not even be able to see where the repair was made. In many cases, the repair maintains a consistent look with the rest of your windshield.

As a result, it’s almost as good as new.Windshield repair jobs usually take just a few minutes to complete.

 Combined with curing time, you may be ready to get back on the road in as little as an hour or less.

The Windshield Replacement

A windshield replacement is exactly what it sounds like. Your auto glass technician will remove your existing damaged windshield with specialized tools.

Most importantly, we make sure not to damage your vehicle’s frame.Then, we replace the windshield with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) windshield made for your vehicle’s make and model.

Because there’s more work involved and more time required for the adhesive to dry, a windshield replacement usually takes more time.The replacement itself can take up to an hour.

Therefore, it’s advised that you wait at least an hour after the service before driving to allow for maximum curing.Aside from the scope of work and the time it takes, there are also different costs involved in a windshield repair or replacement.

We Provides You The Best Solution For Your Budget

For example, repairs are less expensive than full replacements because it doesn’t require as much time or materials. And in many cases, your insurance company may pick up the full tab for a repair.

Therefore, you’ll pay nothing out of pocket.We work with your insurance company on your behalf. Moreover, we file the claim and collect the money so that you have one less thing to worry about.

The cost of a windshield replacement will vary. This depends on your vehicle’s make, model and what your insurance covers.In some cases, you may only need to pay your deductible.

After you file a claim, your insurance company will cover the rest.For other policies, you may be responsible for the full amount of the windshield replacement.

In either case, we work with you to quote your service before performing any work. Therefore, there are no surprise fees or costs that you aren’t prepared for.

When Do You Need a Windshield Repair?

If you’re wondering if you can get away with getting a windshield repair instead of a replacement, you can usually inspect the damage yourself to find out.

Any cracks or chips that are not in the direct line of sight of the driver are eligible for repair.Also, the damage must be able to be fully covered by a dollar bill. Grab a dollar out of your wallet and cover the chip or crack.

If all of the damage is covered by the dollar, then you may be able to get your damage repaired.However, when you bring your car to Bright Auto Glass, our technicians will also inspect the damage to make sure a repair will be in your best interest.

Cracks or chips that contain a lot of dirt and debris will still be visible after the repair.In this case, the repair will only prevent the damage from getting worse and won’t be a long-term solution.

When Do You Need a Full Windshield Replacement?

At Bright Auto Glass, we see more customers who need full windshield replacements than we do repairs. Any damage that is in the driver’s direct line of sight, no matter how small, will call for a complete replacement.

Also, you can use the dollar test to see if you have damage larger than a dollar. If so, then a full replacement is the way to go. This is because damage of that size would only benefit from the repair resin as a temporary solution.It’s like putting a bandage on a wound that will never heal.

Eventually, the bandage will wear off but the wound will still be there.Replacements are more costly, but they truly are the best way to go for large areas of damage.

The problem will only get worse the longer you ignore it.Therefore, getting the replacement as soon as possible can help you maintain the integrity of your vehicle and keep you safe on the road.

Final Thoughts

Do you need a windshield repair or replacement? Bright Auto Glass is your local technician serving the Denver area and surrounding communities.

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