Original Windshield Vs. After Market: Making the Right Choice


Frank Ahmadzay

February 16, 2024

Choosing between an original windshield vs. after market option is a decision that many vehicle owners face. In this blog post, we’ll help you make the right choice by evaluating the differences between them. We’ll discuss what makes an original windshield unique, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of aftermarket alternatives. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of which option aligns best with your needs and preferences. It’s all about making an informed decision when it comes to your vehicle’s windshield replacements.

Key Takeaways

  • Original windshields undergo rigorous testing for safety and performance, providing a higher level of quality and durability compared to aftermarket options.
  • While some aftermarket windshields may be comparable in quality, it is important to choose a reputable brand to ensure their reliability.
  • Aftermarket windshields are generally more affordable than original windshields, but it is crucial to prioritize durability over focusing solely on cost.
  • When considering the availability and accessibility of windshields, checking with the vehicle manufacturer for OEM options and researching local suppliers or online options can help find the right windshield with the necessary quality and compatibility.

Quality and Durability Comparison

Are you wondering which windshield offers the best quality and durability? When it comes to choosing the right windshield, it’s important to consider factors that affect its overall quality and durability. Original windshields, which are made by the vehicle manufacturer, are known for their high-quality materials and precise fit. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry standards for safety and performance. 

On the other hand, aftermarket windshields, which are made by third-party manufacturers, may vary in quality depending on the brand and supplier. While some aftermarket windshields may be of comparable quality to original windshields, others may not meet the same standards. It’s crucial to do thorough research and choose a reputable brand to ensure you get a windshield that offers the best quality and durability for your vehicle.

Pricing and Cost Considerations

When considering pricing and cost for your windshield, it’s important to weigh the options and choose the most cost-effective solution for your vehicle. While an original windshield may seem like the obvious choice due to its brand reputation, it can come with a hefty price tag. 

Aftermarket windshields are generally more affordable, making them a popular choice among budget-conscious drivers. However, it’s crucial to consider the quality and durability of aftermarket options, as they may not be as reliable as their original counterparts. 

It’s recommended to research and compare prices from different suppliers to find a balance between cost and quality. Remember, investing in a high-quality windshield is essential for your safety on the road, so prioritize durability over solely focusing on cost.

original windshield vs. after market

Availability and Accessibility Factors

Consider the availability and accessibility factors when choosing the right windshield for your vehicle. These factors can greatly influence your decision and the overall convenience of the process. Here are four important points to keep in mind:

  1. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Availability: Check if the vehicle manufacturer offers OEM windshields. These windshields are specifically designed for your vehicle model and ensure a perfect fit.
  2. Aftermarket Options: Explore the availability of aftermarket windshields. These are produced by third-party manufacturers and may offer a more affordable alternative. However, be cautious and ensure the quality and compatibility of the windshield.
  3. Local Suppliers: Research the availability of windshield suppliers in your area. Having a local supplier can provide convenience, shorter waiting times, and easier access to installation services.
  4. Online Resources: Consider online options for purchasing windshields. Many reputable websites offer a wide selection of windshields, often at competitive prices. However, be mindful of shipping costs and ensure the website is reliable and trustworthy.

Warranty and Insurance Coverage

When it comes to replacing a damaged windshield, exploring various options is essential. DIY windshield repair kits are available for minor damages, but for more extensive issues, professional auto glass services at reputable auto shops are recommended. These professionals have the expertise to handle different vehicle types, ensuring a proper fit and adherence to safety standards. Additionally, some auto manufacturers offer specific windshield replacement services that guarantee compatibility with your vehicle’s make and model.

When dealing with a damaged windshield, safety should always be a top priority. Modern windshields are not just pieces of glass; they incorporate advanced safety features. It’s crucial to choose the right type of glass used, one that meets safety standards and is compatible with your vehicle’s safety systems. Prioritizing safety ensures that your windshield effectively protects you and your passengers in case of an accident.

Insurance coverage plays a significant role in windshield replacement costs. Check with your insurance company to understand whether your policy covers windshield replacement or if you need a separate endorsement. Some insurance companies offer competitive rates for auto glass replacement, making it a cost-effective option.

In addition to insurance considerations, it’s essential to be aware of warranty options. Original windshields typically come with a manufacturer warranty that covers defects for a certain period. Aftermarket windshields may have warranties provided by either the manufacturer or installer, and these warranties can differ in coverage and duration. Being informed about warranty terms helps protect your investment and peace of mind.

Installation Process and Expertise Required

Proper installation of a windshield requires expertise and precision to ensure a secure and durable fit. When it comes to the installation process, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Knowledge and Experience: A professional installer has the necessary training and experience to handle the complexities of windshield installation. They understand the specific requirements for different vehicle models and can identify potential issues before they become problematic.
  2. Tools and Equipment: Proper installation also requires the use of specialized tools and equipment. Professional installers have access to these tools, ensuring that the windshield is installed correctly and securely.
  3. Adhesive Selection: Choosing the right adhesive is crucial for a successful installation. Professional installers have the knowledge and expertise to select the appropriate adhesive that will provide a strong bond and withstand various weather conditions.
  4. Time and Efficiency: Installing a windshield can be a time-consuming process. Professional installers have the skills to complete the installation efficiently, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring that the windshield is properly sealed.

When it comes to choosing between an original windshield and an aftermarket one, it is important to assess the factors of quality, durability, pricing, availability, warranty, insurance coverage, and installation expertise. By weighing these considerations, you can make an informed decision that meets your needs and preferences. Remember, making the right choice will ensure the longevity and safety of your vehicle.